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I am 98 lbs of of pure creative energy and deep thoughts. This is why I thrive on expressing myself in writing and organizing fun, interactive lessons for kids (and adults!) that have deep spiritual meaning. I believe that our kids have the same potential as we do to accomplish awesome things for God, and they do not need programs that feed them a watered-down, childish form of Christianity. My desire is to see our youngest congregation rise up to be the rock-solid, Spirit-filled influence that the Church is so desperate for today, and I truly believe that it is coming! Who is with me? Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below or connecting with me through Facebook or Twitter.

      Why "Of Life and Lessons"

I have experienced many roles in my 25 Years on Earth. From a design student with a heart for campus evangelism, to a broken but faith-filled family caregiver, to a Sunday school teacher/children’s minister… Each role has taught me more about God and who I can be in Him. Through it all, I have grown to appreciate the lessons that God gives me no matter what package they come in. My role as a Christian in direct pursuit of Jesus Christ will forever be my favorite role of all, and greater revelation of Him in my life is worth anything that I have to go through to receive it. I strive to learn more about Him every single day, and encourage my kids to do the same. Life can be hard and lessons can be even harder. Yet, true unity with Christ is a pursuit that is always worth the sacrifice! Philippians 3:12-14

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