Books of the Old Testament

Since this is my first blog post, I will begin by stating that I teach Sunday School for ages 6-9 at our church. Currently I have between 6-10 kids every Sunday, so my activities are created for small groups but can suit larger groups just as well! If you would like to know more about me and my heart for this ministry, you can check it out here.


Books of the Old Testament Lesson

My class began our study on the Books of the Old Testament this January, and the kids have been loving it! I plan to post updates on our progress every week, but first I will catch you up on what we have done so far. We are breaking up the Old Testament into 5 divisions: The Books of Law, The Books of History, The Books of Wisdom, Books of the Major Prophets, and Books of the Minor Prophets. We also had an intro lesson all about Genesis since it covers so much.

After my lesson for each division, I have a class activity that uses custom images to help the children learn more about the books involved. I create pockets for each book and hang them up on the board, and the children race to match the correct images with their corresponding book. They look forward to this game every lesson, and it lets me know which books I need to review more. Here are some images of them playing this game:

Old Testament Activity 1           Old Testament Activity 2

Old Testament Folders

We are also in the process of completing Old Testament Folders that the kids can take home once our lessons are over to review what we have learned. They include a list of the old testament books on the front, a Sort & Order Game in the center, and interactive review games for each division on the inside. Here are some pictures of our Old Testament Folders:

Old Testament Folder | Outside           Old Testament Folder | Inside

Each division takes about 2 weeks to cover and do all of the activities, though some larger divisions have taken an extra week to review. It is a lot of information, but they will surprise you with how much they absorb if you make it fun and interactive! I absolutely love to see their excitement as they learn more about God’s word, and pray that they will continue to build upon that solid foundation as they pursue God’s heart. I have learned so much from being their teacher, and can only hope to return the favor.

Stay tuned for future posts to learn more about each individual division.


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