The Genesis Game | Books of the Old Testament

The Genesis Game was a great activity to help the kids to review the information from our Genesis lesson in a fun, competitive way. Below, you can see the pieces included in this game and instructions on how to play.

Genesis Game

Hand-Drawn Genesis Tokens

Game TokensThe children can collect a Genesis Token each time a team answers a question correctly or wins a hangman battle.. (Depending on how long you have to play, you can choose whether or not they have to blindly draw them or if they can choose the exact piece they want.) The entire purpose of the game is to be the first team to collect all 8 Genesis tokens and put them in order. The 8 tokens correspond with the Genesis lesson and include:

  •  Creation
  • Adam & Eve
  • The Flood
  • Tower of Babel
  • Sodom & Gomorrah
  • Abraham & Isaac
  • Jacob & Esau
  • Joseph

…in that order!

Pre-Organized Category Cards

The Genesis Game cards come in 4 different categories: Stories Game Cardsin Scripture, Random Facts, Hangman Battle, and True or False. Each roll, a child will land on a specific color (unless they land on a corner square, which gives them specific directions) The color that they land on will reveal which category card they should pick up.

RedStories in Scripture- Children are given a scripture and are asked to choose which Genesis story it belongs to.

BlueRandom Facts– Children are asked a multiple choice question about the book of Genesis or one of the stories included in it.

YellowHangman Battle– The child who rolled the dice begins a hangman battle among the teams using the clue on the card.

GreenTrue or False– Children are asked a “True or False” question about one of the stories in Genesis.

If the child answers right or their team wins the hangman battle, they are able to collect a Genesis token.

Easy-to-Assemble Game Board

Finally, The Genesis Game board is the Genesis Game Boardgame element that shows the children which category card they should pick up. It also includes corner squares with specific directions like “pick any piece” or “lose a turn”. The “Start” space can either be a “roll again” piece or you can allow the kids to collect another Genesis token each time they pass it.
Paper game pieces are also provided for each team to use as they move around the game board. If they are lost or torn, we have also used anything from large beads to colorful foam squares in a pinch. Dice are not included with the game, so you will have to provide your own. (However, a draw cup with paper numbered from 1-6 can work just as well!)

How to Play:

  • The first team/individual will roll the dice and either choose a category card of the corresponding color or they will follow the directions on the square that they land on. They can then collect a Genesis Token if they answer the question correctly or win the hangman battle.
  • The rest of the teams/individuals will do the same thing when it is their turn.
  • Continue to play until one team or individual has collected all 8 Genesis Tokens and is able to put them in chronological order correctly.

All in all, The Genesis Game is a fun way to review a LOT of information about Genesis. It is fully printable (except for the dice) and while some assembly is required, it is very simple to complete. We are sure your children will learn a lot and love learning it just as ours did!

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  1. I teach Sunday school and am teaching the children stories from Genesis. Is the Genesis game shown on your website for sale? Would love to use this game in my class. Thanks.

    1. I am sorry for my late reply, but yes! It is now uploaded to my shop. The rest of my Books of the Bible Lessons will soon be added, as well. Thank you for your interest, it means a lot!

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