Altar of Sacrifice Game for Littles



This game is designed to help young children review information about the brazen altar of sacrifice found in the ancient tabernacle. It is very similar to Connect 4. Use either dice or a draw cup to decide your question category, and each time a team gets one correct they can put a piece on the board! Just print, cut, and enjoy! If you wish to see the video that discusses the information for this game, you can watch it here. Also, if your child is in grade school, you may prefer the more in-depth Altar of Sacrifice Game.

Included in download are:

  • 1 Game board
  • 20 Game pieces to place on the board (10 for each team)
  • A dice list (to use if you do have dice)
  • Draw-Cup papers (to use if you have no dice)
  • A Question & Answer sheet with 20 questions about the altar of sacrifice


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