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A fun, flexible classroom activity that complements the “Books of Law” lessons created by Of Life and Lessons. The pieces can be a helpful visual as you introduce each Bible story as well as an interactive review game when paired with the pockets included in the download.

Note: This is a downloadable product. Upon purchase, you will be directed to the download where you can print the files. We appreciate your business and pray that God uses our product to bless you in your Bible  teaching, but we do ask that you do not abuse the files for your own financial gain. Thank you!


This game was organized to complement the “Books of Law” lessons created by Of Life and Lessons.

The pieces are highly flexible. They be used during the lesson as well as after the lesson for review. First of all, as you teach, you can use the game pieces as a visual aid for the Bible stories that you tell your class. Then, you can review by testing if the children can sort the pictures by their corresponding books. You can also staple the pockets together and pin them to a bulletin board for a more fast-paced, relay-style game.

These review games have become a staple in many of my Sunday School classes, as they can for yours. Children learn best when they can interact with the lesson in an enjoyable way. Visual learners will appreciate the picture that corresponds with the story, and tactile learners will enjoy physically sorting the events into each book. I have had great results with this review style, and I hope you will too!

Download Includes:

  • Easy to assemble pockets for each Book of Law (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy)
  • Hand-drawn Game pieces– Four pieces from each of the five Books of Law
    1. Genesis is a summary of how the world we live in first began. The game pieces include Creation, The Flood, Abraham & Isaac, and Joseph
    2. Exodus marks the beginning of Moses’ ministry and how God led the Israelites out of Egypt. The game pieces include the Burning Bush, Passover, The 10 Commandments, and Moses Seeing God.
    3. Leviticus is mostly dialogue between God and Moses about the laws and sacrifices that were required of them. The game pieces include a Priest’s Breastplate, an Animal Sacrifice, a Calendar of Holy Days, and Tithing.
    4. Numbers chronicles the restless Israelites as they refuse to enter the promised land and walk in the wilderness for 40 years. The game pieces include the Cloud of Smoke/Fire, Moses Striking the Rock at Meribah, the Bronze Snake, and the Crowns of Sihon and Og.
    5. Deuteronomy is basically Moses’ farewell speech. The game pieces include Moses reviewing all the Israelites had seen God do, Moses reminding the Israelites of the laws and customs that God had given them, Moses dividing the land and blessing each tribe, and finally Moses saying Goodbye.


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