Genesis Game


This Genesis Bible game is a fun, interactive game created to help children learn about the very first book of the Bible- and enjoy themselves while doing so!

Note: This is a downloadable product. Upon purchase, you will be directed to the download where you can print the files and assemble them. We appreciate your business and pray that God uses our product to bless you in your Bible study and teaching, but we do request that you do not abuse the files for your own financial gain. Thank you!


This Genesis Bible game was originally created for up to 6 teams. (Just print multiple Genesis Tokens if you wish to increase this number)

Game Instructions:

  • First, a team rolls dice. The team then moves that many spaces on the game board.
  • They will also select a category card of the corresponding color. (Only the teacher should read yellow cards)
  • If the team answers the question correctly (or if they win the hangman battle) they can draw a Genesis Token.
  • The game continues until one team collects all 8 Genesis Tokens and has them in the correct order.

Printable Game includes:

  • Game board
  • Category Cards and Pre-Organized Questions (answers included on printout)
  • Genesis Tokens
  • Game pieces (excluding dice)


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