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A helpful tool created by Of Life and Lessons to complement your Bible study.  This verse map sheet will help you get the most out of your reading, as you break down your favorite verses and discover more about them than you’ve ever known. It can be used in your personal study, or in a group Bible study focused on a specific scripture.

Note: This is a downloadable product. Upon purchase, you will be directed to the download where you can print as many pages as you need for your own personal studies. We want everyone to get the most out of their time in God’s word, but we do ask that you do not abuse the files for your own financial gain. Thanks!


Product Explanation:

This Bible verse map sheet was organized to complement my own personal Bible studies. Now, I have chosen to share it with you! The page is pretty versatile. It can be used during your personal studies, as well as group studies that are focused on specific scriptures. Regardless of how you use it, I know it will prove to be a very helpful tool as you strive to dive deeper in your knowledge of God’s word.

First of all, it provides space for you to write down different versions of the same scripture and compare them. Then, there is an area to record key words and concepts that you glean from the scripture and further reflect on them. Finally, I included sections to record your research of who wrote the scripture and why they wrote it to gain the correct perspective on the words that you are reading.

Verse mapping has made God’s word come alive as I study deeper into what I am reading. It is a wonderful way to get a better understanding of new scriptures that God places on your heart and even a fresh revelation of your favorites. I oriented the sheets to allow for hole punches to organize your scriptures in a binder if you wish to look back at all you have studied out. I have been blessed greatly with this verse map study tool, and I hope you will too!

This Verse Map Includes:

  • A space to record the Bible Verse Location.
  • 3 distinct areas to record the verse in Different Translations for comparative study.
  • 3 divisions to record Key Words that stood out to you in the scripture, and space for their Hebrew/Greek translations and their definitions and explanations.
  • 2 divisions to write down Main Concepts found in the scripture, and space to record any scriptural references that also tie in with these concepts.
  • A section for the Bible Facts of your scripture to facilitate your study of how it fits in with the rest of the Bible. This section includes areas to record:
    1. Who wrote the scripture? Learn the identity of the voice behind the words you are reading. Who were they, and what significance did their life play in God’s Word and in His kingdom?
    2. What was the origin of the scripture? Learn the original format of the scripture that you are studying. Was it a record of the history of God’s people? Did the author preach it to the masses? Was it a letter of correction for one individual? If you know how the author intended for others to receive the scripture, it will give you a far more accurate perspective as you read.
    3. When was the scripture written? Learn about the time period in which the author wrote your scripture. What was happening as these events took place? As the author wrote it down? What was the culture like of the people who first received these words? We gain a greater understanding of why each scripture is organized and expressed the way that it is, as we study the time period and culture in which it is written.
    4. Scripture in Context. Learn how this specific text fits in with what is around it and in the Bible as a whole. To begin, what was the rest of the chapter discussing? The book? Next, determine if its placement reveals more of its significance in God’s word? Context is CRUCIAL to understanding scripture. Never skip over this part of your study, because there is always more to discover that what you can see on the surface.
  • Finally, I have included in the verse map an area to write down God’s Message to you from the scripture. How does this verse apply to your life? What has God shown you through it? God’s word is for each of us… completely unchanging and secure, but never stale and irrelevant. “For the Word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires.” -Hebrews 4:12

God’s word is amazing!! He has hidden so much inside of these pages that we could spend our life studying out each individual scripture and still have more to learn. Won’t you let Him speak to you through it today?


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